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Beyond fashion – Eastland’s sustainable shopping initiatives
Published 27 December

Eastland is on the path to net zero carbon emissions by 2028. We are committed to investing in initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint and have a meaningful impact on the climate for the benefit of our community.

But we're not doing it alone. Eastland is one of 40 retail assets owned by QIC, a corporation which is setting the tone for sustainability in the Australian retail sector.

In 2019, QIC’s Town Centre Fund issued a $300 million green bond, allowing it to raise money to finance sustainability initiatives at three QIC shopping centres, including Eastland. The bond, certified by the Climate Bonds Initiative, was a world-first for the retail property sector, and marked an important milestone in QIC’s commitment to sustainability and meeting our net zero carbon emissions target by 2028.

Eastland Initiatives

We have invested in numerous initiatives to enhance our environmental performance, including:

Organic Waste Processing

With organic waste accounting for a whopping 41 per cent of the total waste collected at Eastland, we are making a meaningful impact on reducing our environmental footprint by improving how we deal with organic waste.

Headlining our efforts is the WasteMaster system we installed in 2023 to divert organic waste away from landfill and convert it into green energy. Using ground-breaking recycling technology, the system not only reduces waste volumes by up to 80 per cent, but also slashes greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount. During our five-year pilot program we plan to save 1630 tonnes of organic waste from going to landfill.

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LED Lighting Upgrades

Eastland replaced old, power-hungry lighting with energy efficient LED lighting across the centre in 2022, including in all our car parks.

Vertical Transport Upgrades

We are currently upgrading the remaining old Hydraulic Lifts and replacing them with Motor Room Less (MRL) Lifts.  The hydraulic lifts are constantly leaking oil which was a concern for our technicians servicing them.  The MRL lifts are quieter and much more environmentally friendly.

Dock Upgrades

We replaced the existing compactors with brand new compactors and new docks and started the journey with our waste management.  We held training with the tenants and explained all of the new waste streams and the importance of this.  The Waste stream signage is bright and colourful and helps directing tenants to the right streams.  Since the upgrades, the tenants dispose of their waste streams correctly, using their own swipe card so they/we can track their data if required. 

With the upgrades, you can see all of the tenants have ownership of this space now and ensure they are all doing the right thing.

Critical Peak Demand Days

Eastland reduces power consumption across the centre on four dedicated Critical Peak Demand days to help protect the community’s electricity supply at times of high network demand, typically hot summer days. We reduce our electricity consumption in a number of ways, including raising the temperature of the air-conditioning by a couple of degrees, and turning off all but essential lighting and electrical appliances.

Solar Installation

Eastland has installed 2515 rooftop solar panels and 12 inverters since 2022. These are the first phase in the installation a 2.4-megawatt solar PV system at Eastland. Once fully operational (expected in early FY24) the system is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the centre by about 2300 tonnes annually.

CO2 Sensors

CO2 sensors have been installed in all car parks to regulate exhaust fans. The sensors monitor car exhaust fumes, triggering the fans when emissions hit a certain level. Previously the fans operated continuously regardless of exhaust fume levels, chewing through power and placing greater strain on the electricity grid.

Repurposing Retail

Eastland works with our community partners and not-for-profit organisations, including schools, charities and sporting and recreational clubs such as Glen Park Community Centre to reuse and repurpose fixtures, fittings and stock when our retailer relocate or refurbish. This reduces landfill and saves the recipients money so they can add more value to our community.





Eastland's Retailer Commitments

Our retailers are on board with recycling too.  Did you know that many retailers at Eastland have their own recycling programs for customers? Some of them even reward members with points for their donations.

Mobile Phones

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Vodaphone
  • REALM Building


  • Coles – all household batteries are accepted in the B-cycle bin outside Coles
  • REALM – all household batteries are accepted

Preloved Toys

  • Big W - Toys for Joy is a recycling program for toys. The goal of the program, the first of its kind in Australia, is to reduce landfill by recycling eligible, preloved toys. Customers simply drop their donations in the Toys for Joy chest inside the store. Donations are then passed on to partner TerraCycle which recycles and reuses the items, keeping them out of landfill.

Clothes / Textiles

  • H&M - H&M has been collecting and recycling clothes and textiles through its Garment Collecting program since 2013. Donations of any brand and in any condition are accepted. Members can even receive a thank-you voucher towards their next purchase.
  • Uniqlo - UNIQLO accepts its own branded clothing in any condition under its free recycling program. Collection bins are located in stores.


  • Rebel - Old or unwanted sports shoes, thongs, footy boots, trainers, runners and golf shoes can be donated at Rebel under the TreadLightly recycling initiative run by the Australian Sporting Goods Association, diverting hundreds of tonnes of footwear from landfill.


  • Baby Bunting - New and leftover disposable nappies that your little ones have outgrown or no longer need can be donated at Baby Bunting. This program is run by The Nappy Collective, the only Australian non-profit group that focuses solely on collecting disposable nappies and distributing them to families in crisis.

Cosmetic Bottles

  • Sephora - Keep empty beauty product bottles, pots, tubs and tubes out of landfill by dropping your empties off to staff at Sephora. Members will be rewarded with Beauty Pass points.


QIC’s commitment

For more information about what QIC and Eastland are doing to manage our environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and invest in sustainable climate solutions, visit the below links: