NAIDOC WEEK - Come visit Bunjil’s Nest at Eastland

Come visit Bunjil’s Nest and immerse yourself in this interaction and educational sculpture created by Simone Thomson to celebrate NAIDOC Week.

Simone Thomson said 'As a First Nations artist and maker (Wurundjeri and Yorta Yorta) my work is deeply grounded in culture and connection to Country.

Bunjil’s Nest honours the spirit of Bunjil, our ancestral creator and protector. Bunjil the Eagle created Wurundjeri people, the animals, the lore, land and the waterways.

Bunjil’s Nest serves as a symbolic gathering place, embodying themes of community and welcoming. Woven and carved, using new technology and old, this artwork connects past, present and future. Bunjil’s Nest is a reminder of the resilience and wisdom passed down through generations, highlighting the importance of honouring and celebrating First Peoples knowledge and stories


Bunjil’s Nest

Bunjil is the powerful creator spirit for the Wurundjeri and Kulin tribes. He originated from a falling star at the beginning of the Dreamtime. He comes in the form of a great wedge tail Eagle, who could change into man or animal. Bunjil created the land, the mountains, the trees, beautiful flowers and the rivers. Bunjil then took the soft clay from the riverbank and moulded it into the shape of his people. Then he took the string from the stringybark tree and used it for their hair, and then he blew into their mouths so they could breathe. He made all the sacred sites, and cultural and spiritual Lore for the people to follow. Telling everyone to respect the land, animals and the lore.


Simone Thomson Biography

Simone Thomson is a multidisciplinary First Nations (Wurundjeri and Yorta-Yorta) artist and designer based in Victoria. Her work draws on deep connections to Country and cultural storytelling. Simone’s diverse practice sees working across a myriad of projects including public art, in-building art commissions, murals, fashion and design for private and commercial clients throughout Australia. Notable collaborations include Lendlease, BHP, Nike, Worldvision and countless others who have recognised and valued Simone's distinctive approach, deeply rooted in the narratives of Country, community, and storytelling. Exhibiting nationally and internationally her work is held in a number of private and public collections worldwide. Through her art, Simone pays homage to her maternal lineage, honouring her mother, grandmother Kooka Geraldine, and great-grandmother Kooka Yarmuk, who imparted invaluable ancestral knowledge and stories. Galnyan, Respect.


Bunjil's Nest Installation

Dates: July 8th – 28th

Location: Level 2, near Kmart. 

Time: This is on display and active during core trading hours

Cost: This is a free installation