Whiskey Business at Fridays

We’re talking whiskey glaze for days 🤤
Published 02 October
TGI Fridays

When it comes to our Signature Whiskey Glaze, it’s usually serious whiskey business here at TGI Fridays, but from Tuesday 3 October until Sunday 19 November, we’re cutting loose and celebrating our iconic FRIDAYS™ Signature Whiskey Glaze, featuring Jack Daniel’s®.

Indulge in your fave Signature Whiskey Glaze classics, like our flame-grilled ribs or Ultimate burger, or try one of our limited time items, including our new Signature Loaded Potato Skins with candied bacon, or team up with your friends on our Fridays Signature Whiskey Glaze Three for All - a mix of our fave starters to share. 

Can’t decide what else to order? Go for the Signature Whiskey Three Course - a tasty trio of our favourites, including six wings, a half rack of ribs, followed by our Drunken Whiskey Caramel Turtle - a tasty twist on our FRIDAYS™ Malteser Turtle drizzled with whiskey caramel sauce made with Jack Daniel’s®.

Don’t forget to add on one of our limited time cocktails featuring Jack Daniel's® Tennessee Whiskey - choose between the Tennessee Apple Sour or the Blackberry Whiskeyrita for ultimate refreshment. No alc? No worries! Enjoy a Shirley Temple from the bar for a delicious alcohol free option.

Book your table now to join in on the Whiskey Business: https://www.tgifridays.com.au/reserve-a-table/ 

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