St John First Aid Courses

The image shows a group of students sitting in a room with a person standing in front of a large screen. The students are participating in a first aid training course. The screen displays topics related to first aid, such as chest pain, stroke, wounds, fractures, and bites.
St John are now coming to Eastland in 2024 to make completing courses more convenient for the community.
St John Ambulance Victoria is Victoria’s leading provider of First Aid and has a wide range of First Aid training options for available for the Eastland community. Together, we aim for at least one person educated, equipped & prepared to provide First Aid in every home, workplace & public gathering.

St John is a self-funded not for profit. Their earnings go towards community programs which equip and prepare people to save lives.

All sessions will be conducted at Eastland Centre Management Office, Level B1, Boardroom 2. Complimentary carparking for all participants will be included and a pass will be provided at your session. Bookings are essential through visiting the St John website here or clicking on the course details below.
Caring for Babies & Kids
Designed for parents and carers. Learn to manage basic first aid situations specific to babies and kids up to 7.
The image shows a person wearing a garment indoors, assisting a baby with breathing. The person is wearing black cargo pants, a burnt orange long sleeve top and a black smart watch while kneeling on the floor.
Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Nationally Recognised Training Learn the skills to perform life-saving (CPR) on an adult, child or infant who is unconscious and not breathing normally.
A person applying CPR to a dummy doll that's in a red top with white writing, wearing blue jeans, a pink cable knit sweater while kneeling on the floor.
Provide First Aid (Requires Pre-Learning)
Nationally Recognised Training Suitable for both people in workplaces and members of the public who would like a comprehensive first aid course.
The image shows a person with a bandaged hand while the other pair of hands wraps the bandage around the other persons hand.
Provide First Aid ( No Pre-Learning Required)
Nationally Recognised Training Suitable for both people in workplaces and members of the public who would like a comprehensive first aid course.
A person is kneeling down in jeans applying a bandage to another person's wrist in a blue top.
Asthma & Anaphylaxis
Nationally Recognised Training Get the confidence, knowledge and skills to recognise and manage asthmatic and anaphylactic emergencies including the use of the asthma inhaler and the adrenaline auto-injector.
A woman in a black and white spotted top, holding a blue inhaler which is attached to a blue bag, giving ventilation to a dummy mannequin.
Mental Health & Crisis Support
Gain the essential skills and confidence to recognise and support people with a range of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, suicide and addiction.
The image shows a woman in blue with a scarf around her neck and a laptop in front of her. The text on the laptop screen reads "DELL." The standing in front of the computer is wearing a black shirt and the background suggests it is an indoor setting with a window visible.
Provide First Aid in an Education & Care Setting
Nationally Recognised Training Designed to meet the needs of people working in the childcare and early childhood learning industry and anyone working with children.
The image shows a person gently touching the top of the dummy baby dolls head that is lying on it's back on black and cream stripped carpet. The doll is wearing a light blue onesie and the person looks to be wearing a blue shirt.