Meet the Locals
Introducing our local style icons - Daniel, Georgina and Caitlin

It's summer. The season when our community springs back into life, into a world filled with new possibilities. This summer, we are celebrating the people who make our communities what they are, sharing their stories, their lives and their style.

Introducing Daniel Primerano, a retail consultant at Politix menswear at Eastland.
Meet Caitlin Marwaha, a mum of two and a long-time purveyor of style, who has turned her passion for fashion into a full-time role as a qualified personal stylist and style coach.
Meet the locals | Influencer 3 | Our Style Our Way 2022
Say hello to Georgina Alexandra, a clean beauty makeup artist, skin coach and mum of two beautiful little girls
Meet the locals | Influencer 2 | Our Style Our Way 2022