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How to Nail The Natural Makeup Look

How You Can Achieve A Natural Makeup Look At Eastland Shopping Centre

There are so many new beauty trends popping up these days, but the one beauty look that you can count on for being consistently timeless is the natural makeup look. This particular look has become a favourite of beauty lovers all over the world, not just because it enhances your natural features, but also because it’s so quick and easy to recreate!


You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to master the natural makeup trend, all you’ll need is a makeup bag full of the right products, some key beauty tools, and hydrating skincare to prep your skin before you begin. Luckily, you can get all these things right here at Eastland Shopping Centre. So, to make sure you have everything you need to nail the natural makeup trend, we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need to have ready in your makeup bag to recreate this stunning look. 


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Start with skincare


The first step to recreating the natural makeup look is hydrating your skin. Before you apply any makeup products, you must prep your canvas, so we recommend exfoliating your skin with either an enzyme or chemical exfoliant at least once a week. An exfoliant will remove any dead skin cells that are making your skin look dull and uneven, so your makeup can look as flawless as possible. Myer stock so many exfoliants from a variety of brands and once you’ve got a great exfoliant in your skincare line-up, perfecting the natural makeup trends will be extremely easy. 


After you’ve used your new exfoliant, you’ll need to hydrate your skin with a serum and moisturiser. Be sure to look for products that include ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and squalane to ensure your skin is getting the most out of these products. We recommend visiting Mecca and Endota Spa to find your new favourite serum and moisturiser. With so many formulas to choose from, they’ll be able to help you find the most effective products for your particular skin type. 


Last but not least, to protect your skin from those harsh UV rays, make sure you apply sun protection. SPF is a skincare essential, especially here in Australia, so be sure to always finish off your skin prep with SPF50+, so your skin continues to glow! 


Try a tinted moisturiser


Once your skin is fully prepped, the next step in your natural makeup routine is applying your base. For this makeup trend, you don’t want something that’s too full coverage, instead opt for something lighter like a tinted moisturiser, BB cream, or illuminating primer. A light tinted moisturiser or BB cream will help to even out your skin tone, while the illuminating primer will provide you with a naturally radiant glow. We recommend heading into Inglot and MAC to check out their range of tinted moisturisers and primers, so you can test out a few different formulas and find out which shade matches your skin tone. 


When it comes to natural makeup, your base will need to be as close to your skin tone as possible, so make sure to try out a few different products to see which shade works best for you. Then, once you’ve found your shade, mix your tinted moisturiser with your primer, and apply it using a beauty blender. You can find a great range of beauty blenders and sponges at Mecca,just make sure to wet your beauty blender before applying your products so they really sink into your skin. 


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Colour your cheeks


For natural makeup, you may be wondering if you should be using blush or a lighter bronzing shade. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can use both! You can still definitely use a blush and bronzer when you’re creating a natural makeup look, you’ll just need to use less product for a more subtle pop of colour and opt for cream formulas over powders.


Inglot has a great selection of cream blushes and bronzers in a variety of shades. Head in-store to try the products on your skin tone to see which one works best for your skin tone. To make sure the colour is subtle and not too bold, apply each product with the same beauty blender you used for your tinted moisturiser and primer, not only will it help the colour melt into your skin, but it’ll also make it a lot easier to diffuse the colour pigments and create a naturally sun-kissed look. 


Fluff up your brows 


Even when you’re creating a natural makeup look, you simply cannot forget about your brows! Brush up your brows with a slick of clear gel to keep the hairs in place or opt for a tinted brow gel if you need a bit more definition. MAC have a bunch of fantastic brow gels that can keep every hair in place, without feeling too sticky. If you need to add a bit more colour, apply a small amount of brow powder to maintain the soft, natural brow effect that the natural makeup beauty trend calls for. You can find a range of great brow powders at Myer that are also really affordable!



Curl your lashes


Now, if you’re wanting to master the natural makeup beauty trend, then you’re going to have to leave your mascara in your makeup bag. We know, it’s not ideal, but instead of curling your lashes with a thick, black mascara, invest in a strong eyelash curler so you can get the defined lashes you love, whilst tricking other people into thinking you’re not wearing any makeup – that’s what the natural makeup look is all about! You can find incredible eyelash curlers at Mecca and Inglot. Make sure you find a curler that has a handle that comfortably fits your fingers as well as your eye shape. 


Hydrate your lips 


To complete your natural makeup look, you’ll need a soft lip colour in a shade that’s similar to your own lip tone. A tinted lip balm, stain, gloss or sheer lipstick can work wonders and instead of applying the product straight onto your lips, we recommend using your finger for a soft, blended finish. MAC is full of gorgeous lip products that you can test to see which formula feels comfortable on your lips. If you’d prefer to feel like you’re not wearing any lip colour, then we recommend a lip stain, but if you’re after something more hydrating, then a gloss or balm might work best for you. 


When it comes to beauty trends, some are more difficult than others. Although, if you’re looking for a beauty trend to master that looks effortless and is simple to recreate, then you’ll love the natural makeup look trend! So, if you’re ready to become a natural makeup pro, then head into Eastland Shopping Centre to stock up on all the products you’ll need to give yourself a lovely, natural glow.