Are you an Elphaba or Glinda?

Are you drawn to the allure of Glinda's glamour or the raw power of Elphaba's grit?

Inspired by the iconic characters of WICKED, it's time to ask yourself which beloved witch casts a spell on you through products from your favourite brands!

MAC Cosmetics

Will you choose 'WHAT'S THE WIFI' or '#HUMBLEBRAG' in MAC Cosmetics iconic eyeshadow? (RRP: $33)

Screenshot 2024-04-22 133311 Screenshot 2024-04-22 133229


Are you drawn to Black Opium's Eau De Parfum in Neon Pink or Illicit Green? (RRP: $137 for 30ml)

black opium neon pinkblack opium green 


Country Road

Does the NICO Drink Bottle in Pistachio or Rosetta speak to you more? (RRP: $39.95)

Screenshot 2024-04-22 133346Screenshot 2024-04-22 133420



Do you want to make a statement in pulmag Pink or pre-loved Green? (RRP: $170)

Screenshot 202az 4-04-22 203119 Screenshot 2024-04-22 203143



Would you prefer to cozy up in a crew neck sweater in 53 Green or 11 Pink? (RRP: $49.90)

Screenshot 2024-04-22 204433 sweat



A must for Winter! Will you be picking up a sherpa throw in Heather Pink or Sage Green? (RRP: $84.99)

pink throwsage blank 



Will you be reaching for the smell of Tangerine and Lime or Vanilla and Musk? (RRP: $44.99)

green candle pink candle


Planning to fly away? Will the Nere cosmetic case in Orchid Pink or Mineral make it into your suitcase? (RRP: $49.99)

pink bag travel green



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