Communities of Wellbeing Inc

Communities of Wellbeing Inc

Our wellbeing partner inspires more people to discover and embrace the value and impact of enhanced wellbeing.
Published 17 May

We share a common belief that when people are supported to live a good life, people and communities flourish. When people and communities flourish they build the resilience necessary to handle the causes of anxiety and depression.


Working with a range of stakeholders from within Maroondah and beyond, they aim to actively measure and improve wellbeing by:

  • Serving as action-based advocates to help people and communities prioritise wellbeing;
  • Providing learning opportunities and resources that build skills to enable others to pursue a good life;
  • Facilitating and supporting community partnerships, projects and programs for flourishing people and communities.


They work across five key areas of impact:

  • Home and Family Life
  • Financial Life
  • Learning and Education
  • Work Life
  • Social and Public Life


They acknowledge that a good life is not devoid of struggle. In fact, when strength and struggle walk together, we believe we have the resilience to navigate life’s challenges. For us, our collective strength is our shared commitment to working together, learning together and sharing our message of wellbeing so that people and communities flourish.

On the first Wednesday of every month we host a free event from 5.30PM – 7.30PM.
The topic each month is the same topic as we are teaching (from the URStrong Program) in the Eastland Friendship Ninja Zone. As the month in question draws nearer we will supply details of the speaker or relevant activity that we are presenting that month together with a link to enable you to make a booking. 


To find out more visit their website or follow them on Instagram @communitiesofwellbeing

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