Uncover Your Style

Uncover Your Style

Take our style quiz to uncover the look best suited to your personality and sense of style.
Published 09 May

Understanding the DNA of your style is imperative when building a complementary wardrobe that represents your personality. After all, your style is a way to express yourself to the world! How do you define your personal sense of style? Do you gravitate to a chic and polished aesthetic? Or perhaps keeping it low-key with cool and comfy pieces is more your vibe?

Experienced fashion lovers know the key to looking and feeling your best isn’t just about following the latest trends; it’s about staying true to who you are and experimenting with the fashion pieces you love.  

Take our style quiz to uncover the look best suited to your tastes. Make sure you keep note of your answers, as you will need to tally these results at the end of the quiz.

  1. You wake up in the morning and open your wardrobe, what do you see?
    1. Neatly arranged pieces in an array of subdued colours. Everything has its place.
    2. A colour explosion! My wardrobe is a chaotic collision of colours, patterns, and textures.
    3. My wardrobe is abundant in denim, activewear and classic tees (maximum chill vibes!).


  2. When choosing my outfit for the day, my mindset could best be described as:
    1. I dress to impress. I love to create outfits that look put-together and exude with elegance and sophistication.
    2. I dress for fun. Life’s too short for boring clothes, so I love to mix it up and share my creativity with the world. 
    3. I dress for comfort. Whatever I’m wearing, it’s important that I have the freedom to move and feel my best. 


  3. Now it’s time to pick an accessory. Which accessory item would you choose?
    1. A chic crossbody bag
    2. Bold statement earrings
    3. A cosy beanie


  4. Let’s pick a shoe! Which style are you opting for?
    1. A classic pair of heeled boots
    2. A chunky-soled flat boot with just the right amount of quirk
    3. A pair of white sneakers


  5. When you enter a room, how would you like to be perceived by the people around you?
    1. As a warm, sophisticated, and easy-going person
    2. I love bringing the energy, optimism, and excitement
    3. I like to keep it cool, calm, and collected


  6. You have $500 to spend on updating your wardrobe. How are you spending it?
    1. I’m going to invest in a luxe item I’ve been eyeing off. Perhaps a new bag, jewellery piece, or leather boots.
    2. I’m spending it on something cheerful and bright like a bright pink coat, or a fun shoe that adds a bit of edge.
    3. I’m taking this as my opportunity to update my activewear. New sneakers, new sweaters, and new work out gear.


  7. Okay, now pick a fabric!
    1. Cashmere
    2. Corduroy
    3. Denim


  8. You head into Eastland for a day of shopping. Which stores will you be visiting?
  1. Chic & Refined - Witchery, Mimco, Sportscraft, David Jones, Myer, Country Road.
  2. Vibrant & Bold - Sass and Bide, Gorman, H&M, Glassons, Dangerfield, Ghanda, Sportsgirl
  3. Cool & Comfy - Seed, Rebel Sport, Decjuba, Bonds, General Pants Co, Universal Store


Mostly A’s: Chic and refined

Chic & Refined

Coat: Decjuba, Addison Crombie Coat, $179.95 | Bag: Mimco, Cavalier Saddle Cross Body Bay, $349 | Pants: Witchery Coated Ponte Leggings $99.95| Boots: Wittner, Hennetta Sicilian Green Leather Stiletto Heel Ankle Boot, $290 | Dress: Crepe Cut Out Midi Dress, $189.95 | Skirt: Forever New, Ester Satin Pleated Skirt, $89.99 | Necklace: Mimco, Envelop Necklace, $199.00.

If you answered mostly A’s, your style is chic and refined. You believe that fashion is a way to showcase your understated elegance through considered detailing, luxurious fabrics, and premium staple pieces. You feel your best in tailored, high-end pieces and would rather invest in luxury items that will stand the test of time. Fashion is a lifestyle, not a chore for you—and you wouldn’t have it any other way!


To shop for chic and refined pieces, we recommend browsing the new season arrivals at Witchery, Mimco, and Sportscraft.  

Mostly B’s: Vibrant and bold 

Vibrant & Bold

Knit: Decjuba, Tara Cable Knit Jumper, $119.95 | Boots: Wittner, Quinncy Orchid Patent Flared Heel Ankle Boot, $280 | Dress: Cotton On, Twist Knit Short Sleeve Midi, $69.99 | Shorts: General Pants Co, Sports Club Fleece Shorts, $49.95 | Earrings: Swarovski, Orbita Drop Earrings, $330 | Shirt: Veronika Maine, Long Sleeve Slinky Rib Knit, $159 | Shoes: Hype DC, Converse Chuck 70 Recycled Canvas, $139.99 | Scarf: Veronica Maine – Chunky Rib Scarf Hot Orange $189.00

If you got mostly B’s your style is vibrant and bold—just like your personality! You don’t like to blend into the crowd, rather, you enjoy exuding with energy through your bright, fun clothing choices. You’re always looking for a way to experiment with your creativity, and fashion is just one of the many ways you can express yourself.


Head to Sass and Bide, Gorman and, H&M today to fill your wardrobe with bright and vibrant pieces.


Mostly C’s: Cool and comfy  

Cool & Comfy

Bag: Decjuba, London Sherpa Crossbody Bag, $49.95 | Skirt: Decjuba, Sonny Knit Skirt $99.95 | Vest: Seed | Jumper: Perfect Stranger, Universal Store, Talk About It Knit Jumper Oat, $80 | Scarf: Seed, Knitted logo Scarft $49.95 | Beige Beanie: Seed, Rib Pom Pom Beanie, $39.95 | White Beanie: Decjuba, Chunky Knit Single Pom Beanie $29.95 I Necklace: Colette $16.99| Pants: Forever New High Waisted Primrose Pants $99.99 | Shoes: Hype DC, Autry Medalist, $269.99 

If you got mostly C’s you’re a cool and comfy dresser. You reach for fashionable pieces that are equal parts as on-trend as they are comfortable. You have a natural knack for putting together outfits and somehow always nail an effortlessly cool and collected look at every outing. This style lends itself perfectly to the cooler months with soft textures, relaxed fits, and plenty of layering.


Check out Seed, Rebel Sport and, Decjuba for cool and cosy garments. 
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