Lee Carseldine

Meet Lee Carseldine

The cooler months provide a prime opportunity to play with fashion—and as Lee Carseldine explains, there’s a certain kind of excitement that comes with a change in seasons.
Published 03 May

As we approach winter, we challenge you to get creative with your individual style while exploring new season trends through your lens, your way. We sat down with Lee to learn more about his take on winter fashion, his go-to pieces, and his personal sense of style.


Meet Lee Carseldine

Lee Carseldine wears many hats, but his career profile would best read as an ex-professional athlete, business owner and TV presenter. If you’re a Survivor fan, you might also recognise Lee from Season One and Five of Survivor: All-Stars.


Discover Lee’s style

As a man of many roles, it’s no surprise that Lee prioritises dressing for both comfort and style. Lee explains, “I’m very laid back with my sense of style—my days are very busy and I'm moving around a lot. Comfort and practicality are important to me, but my outfits also need to have an element of ‘sharpness’ about them. I could go from an important meeting or out on site with my business, to dropping my boys off to school or soccer training; so I need to have a mix of comfort, while still looking smart.”

Lee perceives your style to be a representation of your personality. He explains, “The personality you want to project can change on any given day; some days you might like to get ‘dolled up’ for an event, other days you might be feeling something a bit darker, and other days you might want to add more colour. For me, I do a lot of greys, but then love breaking it up with a pop of colour somewhere.”


Lee’s favourite cool weather pieces

As the days get cooler, Lee loves to embrace the change of seasons and the trends that come with it. Lee tells us, “I live for the cooler months. In the cooler months, you can have a few more layers and play around with them, which is great.”

The style-savvy ex-sportsman also relishes in an opportunity to layer in accessories. Lee adds, “I have a lot of hats, but in winter I get excited about wearing a beanie because it’s not often cold enough to wear them. The other thing that I'd never leave home without is a watch. I do love my watches, so I'll always wear a watch.”


Lee’s go-to stores 

When it comes to fashion stores, Lee loves shopping at a mixture of casual, street-style and high-end, particularly when searching for corporate or event wear. “I like General Pants Co and Universal Store for more street-style casual days. Also, as an ex-sportsman, I can’t go past Rebel Sport. That would be my go-to place for picking up activewear. If I were getting a little more ‘dressed up’ I would definitely go to Peter Jackson—I love their style.”


Get Lee’s look



EL Flatlay Lee (1)Universal Store, Kirk Cord Over Shirt White $100.00  I  Country Road, Knit Merino Nep Crew Knit $149.00 I  Gazman, Comfort Chino Pants $89.95  I  Vans, Style 36 $129.99  

Lee wears in group shot: Country Road, Waxy Parka $249.00  I  Sportscraft, Jonah Panel Crew $149.99 I  Levi's, Jeans $99.959  I  Connor, sneakers $49.99