Brooke Jowett

Meet Brooke Jowett

When it comes to finding your style, Brooke Jowett’s advice is to look for pieces that not only make you look good—but also make you feel good.
Published 03 May

We caught up with Brooke Jowett to uncover her best fashion advice, learn more about which trends she’ll be trying this season, and to explore her unique sense of style. 


Meet Brooke Jowett 

Being a woman of many talents, Brooke Jowett doesn’t shy away from a challenge. She’s absolutely kicking goals in her many pursuits, whether it’s dominating on Australian Survivor: All Stars, guiding people towards their fitness goals as a personal trainer, or growing her sustainable activewear brand ‘Jrsy’.


Discover Brooke’s style 

Brooke’s style is just as diverse as her career. As she wears many hats, her style tends to reflect that. For her more casual day-to-day life, she admits to being completely activewear obsessed. Brooke says, “I’m probably in activewear 90% of the time. When I’m at home, I’m in activewear, when I go to the shops, I am in activewear.” 


On the rare occasion Brooke is not sporting activewear, she tends to gravitate towards a more casual, laid-back style. Brooke tells us she loves to “rock the boyfriend look, like a baggy pant or a crop or oversized tee or jumper.” Although this doesn’t mean she doesn’t love to get glammed up—Brooke, like many of us, loves a day out at the winery and takes delight in any excuse to get dressed up for the day. 


Brooke’s best fashion advice

Style to Brooke is all about comfort and feeling confident in your own skin. When asked about what style means to her, Brooke explains, “one of the things that I always think about is that everyone likes to say beauty is pain, and to me it’s not necessarily that, I feel like you can still look beautiful when you’re comfortable. I think that’s when you’re probably the most beautiful because you are comfortable with what you’re wearing on your skin.” 


She adds, “I think style is something that you're comfortable in and that makes you feel the most confident. So, for me, that's something that I can move around in and do all the things that I love to do.”


Brooke’s tips for winter fashion

Winter is all about layering for Brooke. Neutral, earthy brown colours are her absolute favourite trend this season, especially for coats. When asked about her top winter fashion tip, Brooke says, “I love layering up and having a snuggly warm jumper underneath a coat—also any excuse to wear a beanie is a good excuse for me!” 


In looking to the season ahead, Brooke is keen to embrace vibrant hues. “One thing that I like to do is to stick to neutrals and blacks, so I really want to push myself this season to try some of the brighter colours like the lilac and bright green. I feel like now's the time to branch out a little bit with colour—even just if it's just a little pop.”


Brooke’s favourite stores

If Brooke was heading into Eastland today, she has no doubts about where she’d head. “If I am looking for something a little dressy to wear out, I love Seed. My whole family loves Seed! Or if I'm heading out and I need a full outfit, I’d go to Myer.”

“If I need a new t-shirt, I always go straight to Cotton On because they've got really good basics. And then Decjuba—I get all my puffers from there. In terms of shoes, I am a Wittner and a Platypus kind of girl. I get my sneakers from Platypus and would head to Wittner if I'm looking for a dressier shoe. I also love Bonds. I'm such a Bonds gal—and everything at Bonds is just super comfy.”


Get Brooke’s look

EL Flatlay Brooke J (1)

Seed, knitted top $69.95  I  Lorna Jane, Lotus Ankle Biter Leggings $99.99 I  P.E Nation (from Stylerunner), Man up jacket $239.00  I  H&M, sneakers $49.99

Brooke wears in group shot: Decjuba, D-Luxe Short Puffer $149.95  I  H&M, jumper $70.00  I  Lorna Jane, Refresh Eco Phone Pocket Ankle Biter Leggings $120.00  I  Hype DC, New Balance 5740 $179.99


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