Brooke Boney

Meet Brooke Boney

Style isn’t just about following trends—it’s about expressing yourself and letting your unique personality shine. One person who knows this to be true is TV presenter, journalist, and proud Gamilaroi woman, Brooke Boney.
Published 09 May

Brooke loves using fashion to reflect the version of herself she’s presenting to the world at any point in time—whether that be with bold colours that pop on TV screens, or subdued pieces that conjure a sense of calm. 

We invited Brooke to tell us more about her individual sense of style, her go-to pieces for winter, and her best advice for uncovering your own unique style. 


Meet Brooke Boney 

You might recognise Brooke from your TV screen. As a journalist and presenter on the Today Show, Brooke has interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars. However, there’s more to Brooke than first meets the eye. Brooke effortlessly glides between the gloss of entertainment news and the depth of reporting on complex human rights issues. When she’s not busy chatting to celebrities, Brooke is engaging in conversations fuelled by her passionate advocacy in the areas of Indigenous rights and equality and advancement of the rights of women.


“I value having meaningful conversations about the things that I care about—particularly Indigenous affairs and women’s issues. I feel lucky to be able to have those conversations and be a representative of both groups in the media.” 


Brooke’s style

Much like her career, Brooke’s personal sense of style is a tale of contrast. She explains, “I really love bold colours—especially for on-air, as vibrant pieces really pop. I also love mixing textures like a beautiful silk shirt with some leather pants and a big fluffy winter coat.” 


However, when she’s off-camera, Brooke’s style is completely subdued and comfortable. “In my downtime, I love neutral colours and being comfortable. I think because I spend so much time getting dressed for events and being on-air, even though they’re glamorous and it’s fun to get dressed up, in my downtime, I go the opposite way towards knits, chunky cardigans, sweaters and activewear.” 


Brooke’s advice for discovering your own style 

When it comes to following trends, Brooke loves to keep up to date with what everyone’s wearing, but over the years, she has refined her understanding of the styles that best suit her. “By now I have figured out what suits me and what I like wearing. My advice is to seek clothes that make you feel confident, because nothing will look better than something that you feel good in. It doesn't matter what the trend is or what the style is, what matters is how you feel it and how you would wear it.”


Brooke’s go-to cool weather pieces

As the weather begins to cool, Brooke loves to layer with winter fashion essentials. Brooke jokes, “I love coats! I really have an addiction to coats; I think I might have a problem. I also like scarves, beanies and big cardigans—I’m a real comfort person and I do love being rugged up.”


“If I was going out for say, brunch on the weekend with some friends, my go-to outfit would be some sort of jeans, sneakers, a big comfy jumper, and a coat. That is my absolute go-to outfit. That's me in a nutshell. Even when it’s not that cold, I love styling a light-weight coat with a t-shirt or a tank. That look is so chic—and coats don’t have to be reserved for the dead of winter.”


Brooke’s favourite fashion stores  

Brooke knows exactly where to shop for items that align with her style. “I love Bonds for basics like cool t-shirts or even singlet tops. I also love Witchery—I’ll go into a Witchery store whenever I see one. Seed is great for jeans or trans-seasonal jackets, then it’s got to be Adidas for shoes. I’m a big Adidas girl—I love the Rod Laver sneakers; I probably have five or six pairs of them in different colour combinations! Then for beauty, I love Mecca —I mean they’ve got everything!


Get Brooke’s look

EL Flatlay Brooke B (1)


Cue (Myer), Coat $850.00  I  Witchery, Detail Cable Knit $179.95  I  Forever New, Pants, $99.00  I H&M, sneakers $49.95

Brooke wears in group shot: H&M, coat $119.00  I  Decjuba, knitted dress, $89.95  I  Country Road, Longline Fluffy Cardigan, $229.00  I  H&M, Platform Chelsea boot $369.99

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