The Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program
The Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program
Did you know you can claim back 25% of dining and entertainment purchases at Eastland?
Published 29 March

The Victorian Government has launched the ‘Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program’, which offers rebates on dining and entertainment experiences across the state, with customers able to claim 25% back on eligible expenses. Each customer can claim up to $125 in combined rebates across the program.

Right now, you can claim 25% back on you bill when you spend at least $40 in an eligible hospitality venues at Eastland between Monday and Thursday. Dining on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not included. You can claim at any of our eligible food retailers. 



You can also claim 25% back on the total cost of your entertainment experience (any day of the week) at Eastland when you spend $40 or more at our entertainment retailers.



And it’s easy to claim:
(1) Simply spend $40 or more at an eligible food or entertainment venue on the permitted days at Eastland and collect an itemised tax invoice or proof of purchase.
(2) Upload your proof of purchase or tax invoice along with your contact information, bank details, date and total bill amount via the secure Victorian Entertainment Program claim website OR Victorian Dining Program claim website.
(3) Receive 25% rebate credited to your nominated bank account within 5 business days of your claim being approved.

But you’d best be quick – this program will close once funds are exhausted, and there are so many places to go!

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