URSTRONG Friendship Journal

Eastland have partnered with URSTRONG to provide crucial resources to local Primary Schools in Maroondah for the benefit of the teachers, students and families.
Published 20 January

URSTRONG and Eastland share a strong, mutual interest in empowering youth and school communities while positively influencing all aspects of their lives via the development of healthy friendships.

URSTRONG empowers kids with friendship skills while providing parents and teachers with a common language to support them. Youth gain the tools they need to foster friendships that are transparent, supportive, and rooted in integrity. 

A whole-community strategy, URSTRONG utilises the Friendology 101 curriculum, the Educator and Parent Resource Centres, and a variety of workshops and teacher training sessions. Using practical, step-by-step instruction, students learn how to differentiate and manage conflict (Friendship Fires™ vs Mean-on-Purpose) with kindness and respect.



URSTRONG Schools in Maroondah are;
  • Ainslie Parklands PS
  • Bayswater Primary School
  • Bayswater North Primary School
  • Bayswater South Primary School
  • Bayswater West Primary School
  • Chirnside Park Primary School
  • Croydon Community School
  • Croydon Hills Primary School
  • Eastwood Primary & Deaf Facility
  • Great Ryrie Primary School
  • Heathmont College
  • Heathmont East Primary School
  • Kalinda Primary School
  • Kilsyth Primary School
  • Marlborough Primary School
  • Mullum Primary School
  • Pembroke Primary School
  • Ringwood Heights Primary School
  • Ringwood North Primary School
  • Ruskin Park Primary School
  • Tinternvale Primary School
  • Warranwood Primary School
  • Yarra Road Primary School 

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